Didaktische Reduktion in China

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Im Auftrag einer grossen und weltweit engagierten Industriefirma aus Zürich führte ich diese Tage einen Trainingsauftrag in Shanghai durch. Die Chinesen sind sehr interessiert an westlichen Unterrichtskonzepten. Das Auftragsthema lautete „Didactics & Presentation Techniques“ und die Zielgruppe sind leitende Ingenieure und Techniker aus Shanghai und Peking.

Wir arbeiteten u.a. mit dem Modell von Martin Wagenschein (Grundlandschaft mit Tiefenbohrungen) und entwickelten Möglichkeiten für die Didaktische Reduktion.

Der Auftrag war erfolgreich und Mitte Juni findet eine Fortsetzung statt. Kommentar der chinesischen Partner:

„There are many companies in China interested in this kind of training!“.


4 Gedanken zu „Didaktische Reduktion in China

  1. Hi

    Thank you for writing this interesting and inspiring blog!
    Are you going to publish some posts in English too?

    For sure, there are many professionals in the States interested in learning about methods and techniques of Didactic Reduction.

    Dan Saywer, Boston

    • Dear Dan

      Thank you for your encouragement.

      These days I’m quite busy, but, yes…soon I’ll be posting some more arcticles and ideas on Didactic Reduction here on this blog.

      Anyaway, I’d be interested to hear from you: What are the most current discussions on Didactic Reduction in the States?

      Yours, Yvo Wueest

  2. Hi Yvo

    I enjoyed reading your post. I’m am a twenty-two year-old student from Denver. I recently graduated from my College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. I’m interested in Education and how we can reduce complexity an explain complex stuff in plain words.

    I’m know here on an internship in Shanghai. I can tell you: This is an experience far better than anything I could ever have dreamed of! At a young age I’m exposed to such a different culture and way of life and I think this experience is invaluable.

    I truly truly appreciate this city and the people living in it. In the States some people say, Shanghai is the “New York City of the East”. Anyway, China sparked my interest because I wanted to choose a location furthest from home, and one that was completely different than where I come from.

    My German is not as good as your English…so, me too I’m looking forward on your next postings in English on this interesting blog.

    Sarah Bright

    PS: For the best free view of Shanghai, go to the Park Hyatt hotel located in Pudong’s Shanghai World Financial Center. On the 91st floor, you can take in one of the most beautiful views your eyes have ever seen and not spend a dime!

    • Dear Sarah
      Thank’s for your comment. I’vee been invited on the roof of the Park Hyatt. It was quite foggy and we didn’t see much of the city. Later in the evening we did some savoring of the skyline from the Bund side of the Huangpu River. You’re on an internship? What kind of company are you working for? It must be a unique experience to work in heart of bustling Shanghai. I’m looking forward to my next visit to China and I will drop you a line here.

      Best regards

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